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Welcome to Mossback Outfitters. We take pride in delivering an unforgettable experience. Whether your “Bucket List” entails a Giant Bull Elk in Utah, or a “Arizona Strip” Buck of lifetime, We deliver. From the high elevations and peaks where the goats run wild, to the cliffs and crags holding Giant Rams We deliver. Our Dogs are unstoppable on Bears and Lions and our Guides are the same. Come share the Sunrises and Sunsets in the quest for giants in amazing places with amazing people. We currently operate in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Montana and more. Take some time and click around the website.  If its a Hunt or a Tag you are looking for? Let us do the leg work and find you exactly what you are looking for. Tags from CWMU’s, Landowners, Conservation Permits & Convention Permits we’ve got em all! We have the resources and a competitive pricing guide with several options depending on your dream hunt.  Lets Go Hunt! ~ Doyle Moss

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Mossback Guides & Outfitters is a close-knit team of stone cold hunters who specialize in both species and units. Our work ethic and commitment to both our clients and the respect for these animals are unmatched. Our hunts and accommodations are top notch. There is no “I” in Team and there is no “I” in MossBack. The years of experience, knowledge, passion and pursuit has been passed down from generation to generation. Anything, Anywhere, Anytime is our daily grind and we good to go. All in preparation for the clients and a successful season. We put in the work and our track record shows it well.

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